How Pinterest can Help Increase Your Internet Marketing Business

How Pinterest can Help Increase Your Internet Marketing BusinessAlthough Pinterest began awhile ago, people have just recently starting using it. We are progressively learning about individuals starting profiles with the system and pinning things. This means that, as of the writing of this article, the system hasn’t been overrun with marketers (the way it is starting to feel like Facebook has been). This implies that now is a really great time for you to become a part of it and start a name for yourself on the site before you have to be concerned about just being ‘another person, trying to sell stuff.’

Tagging other users with things you pin on your boards is the first step. You can do this using the ‘@username’”users with the things you pin on your boards. You can do this using the “a tyou ? Why not? This is also used on Pinterest and Twitter when you do tagging. You can let people know you are on Pinterest by doing this. People will realize that you will take an active interest in them if they join you on this system every day. Relevancy is very important, and by pinning them, it shows how similar your content is to theirs. Don’t simply tag people to tag people. Tag them with the things you know will be useful to them.

One of the unique aspects about your Pinterest profile is the “about me” you can write. Once done, the statement appears below your photo. You can tell what your business is about and also describe yourself. This helps people understand whether or not you are a person or a business. If you said something about yourself and the business, they will know that you represent both. Let this paragraph feel personal – marketing hasn’t yet invaded this form of social networking so people will probably react badly to something that is purely business related.

Be creative with the names you assign to your boards. Incorporating your personality, without being silly, is always recommended. Your board name will be shared when you can something each time you do it. Looking boring is not what you want. They should reflect your professionalism as well when you use your boards.

Try to come up with a balance between the two so that people will want to look at the board itself and know that you are a marketer. It’s also important to keep the board names short. Things will get easier once you get the hang of creating your boards.

If you have time, you should really look at Pinterest and see what it has to offer It has been around for a long time but has only recently started growing in popularity. This is why you need to get in on the system now. Not many marketers have started using this portal yet, so it won’t be overrun with other Internet Marketers trying to game the system. As with anything, always get in initially. Social media is growing constantly every day. Therefore, if you want to get the best return for your time, join today.

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Examples Of Successful Business Strategies

Ensuring Successful Analysis, by: analysing the operating environments on a regular basis, and additionally when major changes occur; using legal and ethical means to gather information; using experienced specialists to gather and analyse the information; using an appropriate range of information gathering tools and techniques; gathering information from an appropriate range of sources; ensuring that forecasts, trends, predictions, are supported by sufficient evidence. The objective is to carry out an analysis that provides the organisation with a clear picture of the current environment in which it operates, and a forecast of impending changes. This will enable the leaders of the organisation to make changes to existing operational objectives in response to the findings on the current situation, and to longer term plans in preparation for the predicted changes. A thorough analysis should be carried out at least annually, with quarterly reviews. This will ensure that the leaders of the organisation are fully informed at all times, and are equipped with information that will enable them to respond appropriately to any changes which impact on the organisation.

Analysing The External Environment, by: identifying the components and the boundaries of the external environment in which the organisation operates; considering the current political, economic, social, technological, and environmental situation; gathering appropriate, sufficient, reliable, and valid information; identifying and evaluating trends; evaluating the impact of current influences on the organisation; forecasting the impact of likely changes on the organisation. The objective here is to gather information which highlights or predicts changes in the world in which the organisation operates. There are many thousands of local and international influences and forces which impact on the organisation. Indicative examples include demographic changes, cultural changes, and social behaviour changes, all of which can lead to changes in customer markets and buying patterns. Another example is a likely or forecast change in a technology which could end demand for certain products or services. For almost any organisation, of a size, and in any sector, gathering and analysing this type of information is critical.

Evaluating Competitor Behaviour, by: identifying current and likely competitor organisations; gathering appropriate information on current and forecast competitor activity; evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of individual current competitors; considering the likely impact of new entrants or changes in competitor behaviour. The purpose of this is straightforward. Competitors are, by default, competing for the same customers, and if they are worthy competitors, they will be carrying out the same type of analytical activity, and responding to their findings. Competitor activity can be a vital component of the information gathered, as it indicates how similar organisations are responding to current and forecast changes.

Considering The Needs Of Stakeholders, by: identifying all stakeholders, within and outside the organisation; evaluating the importance of support from each stakeholder group; consulting with stakeholders to identify and understand their needs; explaining to stakeholders the organisation’s strategies and values; resolving conflicts and misunderstandings through discussion. The aim of this activity is to make certain that the needs of the stakeholders are known, and their views taken into consideration. Stakeholders can include operational staff, managers, trade unions, shareholders, suppliers, customers, clients, sponsors, funding organisations, partner organisations, local government departments, and local or national media. There can also be sector-specific stakeholders, such as relatives of patients, in the hospital sector, local residents affected by major construction projects, or parents of schoolchildren.

Evaluate The Internal Condition Of The Organisation, by: analysing the organisation’s current internal condition; carrying out a review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The aim is to build a detailed picture of the current condition of the organisation, in terms of its internal health. This should be comprehensive, looking at all internal aspects of the organisation, including for example, the physical location(s) in which it operates, condition of buildings, equipment, vehicles, plant, funding, operational performance, recruitment, retention, training and development, policies, procedures, products, services …. and so on.

Adjusting Current Strategies, by: considering the findings of the analysis activities, and then evaluating current strategies and direction against these; consulting with specialists and key stakeholders about the proposed changes; adjusting current strategies and strategic objectives or replacing them with new ones; implementing a management system that will monitor, control, and adjust where necessary, the new strategies. The objective here is clear. To survive, the organisation must have in place appropriate strategies. Unless strategic direction, specific strategies, and their related objectives, are regularly evaluated, maintained and adjusted, the ability to compete will deteriorate and eventually the organisation will fail.

Adjusting Systems and Structures, by: evaluating the appropriateness of the current systems and structures in meeting the demands of the new strategies; consulting with all affected stakeholders on proposed changes; planning and implementing changes to operational, quality, and cultural systems, policies, procedures, and structures; implementing procedures to monitor, control, and adjust these as necessary. The purpose of this is to put in place an appropriate infrastructure that will support the new strategic and operational objectives. Unless this infrastructure is compatible with, and supports the achievement of, these objectives, the strategies will run into difficulties and almost certainly fail.

Adjusting Current Operational Objectives, by: adjusting operational objectives and activity in response to the changes in strategic direction; implementing an appropriate quality assurance management system to maintain operational quality standards; implementing procedures to monitor, control, and adjust operational activity and objectives as necessary. Operational activity must support and help achieve the strategic objectives. It is extremely damaging, if not fatal, to allow operational activity to continue unchanged, when the strategic direction and objectives of the organisation have changed.

Adjusting Personnel Capabilities, by: comparing the current and likely performance capability of key individuals and teams against the forecast performance requirements; improving personnel capability by re-training and development where appropriate; replacing individuals and teams where necessary; implementing an individual and team appraisal and development system.The aim of this activity is to make certain that, at all levels, the best possible individuals and teams are in place to support and help achieve the organisation’s goals. Without the right people the strategies will fail.

In Summary: analysing the environment in which the organisation operates is the most critically important activity that the organisation’s leaders undertake. It represents the sole purpose of the leaders, that is to make certain that the organisation is taking the most appropriate strategic direction and is equipped with the optimum resources needed to be successful in achieving its objectives. High quality information is critical to the success of the organisation, and information about the changes and challenges facing the organisation in the future is the most valuable of all.

Business Tips For Small Business

When you start out in small business pretty much every small business owner has the perception that everybody is their customer. In fact taking on this strategy can be the death knell of your business before you really get started. The key secret to small business is to carefully choose who you need to be a customer. Do not get trapped into believing that you have to have everyone as your customer.

There are many reasons why you need to choose your customers, rather than they choosing you. One of the key reasons is money. Having too many companies that do not pay you within an acceptable period of time can in fact put such a financial burden on your business that they can bankrupt your business. Let me explain …

I had a number of government clients a few years ago which had a policy of choosing when and if they were going to pay. These government clients used purchase orders to buy training from our company, but just because they could, they decided that they did not need to pay because the whole purchase order had not been completed. So even though one person out of 15 had not completed their training and had been sent overseas, they chose that they were not going to pay the $14,000 bill.

Fourteen thousand dollars to any small business is a massive amount, add onto the fact that we had to outlay money for these courses including wages, catering and manuals. The consequence of this organization deciding not to pay put a huge financial burden on my business. I should note that this client was not dissatisfied with our training, which was far from the truth, the person in charge simply decided that they were not going to pay. Some government bureaucrats and large corporation managers do this just to show that they have power.

Anyway, after 9 months we did finally get paid, however, that training actually cost us more than $14,000 by the time we accrued things like penalty payments on products we purchased and interest plus legal fees in recovering the money. In the end I learnt a very important lesson that you need to be very careful as to whom your customers are because they can do a huge amount of damage to your cash flow and can put you into huge debt just to survive.

Let me give you another example of a family member who recently experienced the same situation …

Certain members of my family decided they wanted to try their hand at the trucking industry. They purchased a truck and got into a contract with a large freight distribution company. Essentially, they ran into trouble within the first few months of starting their business, simply because they chose to have just one client and the contract they entered into with this client allowed the freight company to withhold payments for upto 3 months before they got paid. This has cause this family a lot of problems because without cash, you can not run your trucks cause you need to fill up on Diesel. Not being paid for over 90 days means you can not buy fuel and as such you can not make money.

The a thing I have learnt from small business is that I like customers who pay cash upfront before the service or product is taken out of your store. I also prefer customers who have a reasonable expectation on service.

You would think a car cleaning business would be a relatively simple business to run with very few complaints. I kid you not; this is a nightmare industry where some people have some unreal expectations so when we are on a recruitment drive for new customers we choose customers who have four facets –

1. Want Regular Cleans
2. Have kept their cars relatively well cared for
3. The cars are no older than 6 years old
4. They pay cash upfront

In fact, when it comes to our car cleaning business, or all of our businesses we actually interview our customers before we enroll them as our clients.

Here is the reason why we have chosen those customers above for our car cleaning business. Any business where you get repeat business is always a boon, because the long term customer value is always more than somebody who just wants it cleaned once. One thing we have learned about our customers is that those who need to get a regular clean have more realistic expectations than those who only get their cars done once or every now and again.

Customers who keep their cars relatively well cared for means the amount of work to maintain it is much less than those who do not and it means less work on our behalf and better profit. The third facet, we like cars that are no older than 6 years old. Cars that are older than this usually have a poorer paint quality, simply because the paint has faded and most people when they get a car detail think their car is going to look brand new and if your paint work is terrible well there realistically is not much we can do cause car detailers do not respray cars or do that sort of paint work. We can only work with what we have. The fourth facet is they pay cash upfront.

In small business, cashflow is everything. Without cash you cannot pay your bills. If you have a good solid cashflow then you will be making a profit. A small business without cash will be placed into receivership very quickly.

Look the bottom line is that small business is really hard and to make it easier you need to choose customers that have the following facets:

1. Pay Cash Upfront or By the Due Date
2. Have Realistic Expectations of your products and services
3. Want to Buy From You Regularly

If you have customers that have these facets then you have a good chance of surviving small business. The mix of customers you have is something that you have to manage and review on a regular basis to ensure that you do not build a customer base with to many customers without all of these facets.

B2b Internet Marketing Strategies

  Internet marketing is the business of both advertising and selling goods and services over the internet. This form of business is ever-increasing in popularity, with millions of people now making purchases on the internet. Internet marketing began in the early 1990s as primarily a means of product description, consisting merely of text descriptions.  As technology progressed, internet marketing rapidly advanced to include pictures and other rich graphics as part of advertisements for products and services. After realizing the remarkable likely of this means of marketing, internet-based companies started opening their virtual doors for business.  As opposed to what are now known as “brick and mortar” operations, these e-businesses offer their products and services to a growing number of consumers, conducting all, or nearly all, of their business in the virtual world of the internet.
There are many forms of marketing on the internet. Among them are article marketing, blog marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (to include search engine optimization), banner ads, pay-per-click ads, and pop-up ads. It is important to note that each of these forms catches the attention of the target market in different ways, and some may be more effective than others depending on the product or service, the target market, and the strategy and goal of the business marketing itself. Among the business functions that may require use of different means in their strategies are customer service, sales, public relations, information management, and others.
Internet marketing has also become an integral component of many “brick and mortar” operations, but online-only businesses have offered some challenge in the arena of retail sales, an example of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing. However, other online-only businesses have specialized into newer approaches, such as online auctions, sites that allow you to find the best price on what you’re shopping for, and also sites that allow you to name your own price. Further, affiliate marketers have emerged, offering marketing solutions to virtually all types of business. These firms generally receive what’s named purchase performance. Even home-based businesses now flourish thanks to internet marketing.
There are many benefits to the concept of internet marketing. It allows consumers to shop and conduct business from the comfort of their own home, any time of day or night, or from virtually anywhere provided they have a connection to the internet. Businesses work much more effectively with partners. Efficiency and speed have increased dramatically as business and shopping have moved to the internet. Even costs have been dramatically reduced.  Furthermore, at this time, it is rare that you must pay any tax for the pieces you purchase online.
The most noted disadvantages to internet marketing are the sometimes slow or unreliable internet connections that occur, and online security. Technology is diligently pursuing solutions to both problems, and progress is being made. Also, with the attention of the government on identity theft, it is clear that security and reliability will continue to improve over time.

Online Marketing Tips For Small Business

If you are wanting in making money from home, you should know that there are many different business home world wide web marketing opportunity factors that should come into play. First of all, when you are looking for home business or world wide web marketing opportunities that you are wanting in, you should keep several things in mind. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that not all business/home world wide web marketing opportunity is going to be the same, because there are many different opportunities that you might want to thing about in many different areas.

You want to make sure that your business home world wide web marketing opportunity is one that you could stand to do for quite some time. This is because as you et the chance to do more and more, you world wide web marketing business is going to grow, and you are going to have to keep in going. This means that the business home world wide web marketing opportunity that you are starting up has to be something that you want to do for the long term.

The other thing that you should keep in mind when you are talking about a business home world wide web marketing opportunity is that you have to be able to have a way to make money. Your business home world wide web marketing opportunity has to be something that you want to do but also that will make you money.

There are also other things that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about different business home world wide web marketing opportunity propositions that you might come across. The most important is that you can find something to do that is interesting to you. It has to be something that you are wanting in because it cannot be something that will bore you or make you uninterested.

So, when you are looking at the business home world wide web marketing opportunity that comes your way, you have to be sure that you first of all are wanting in the proposition. You also have to be sure that you have a way to make money from the business home world wide web marking opportunity, and also you have to be sure that you are willing to do the world wide web marketing business for quite some time.

When you have brought all of these things in to play, there are many chances for you to find a home world wide web marketing opportunity of a business. There will be many chances for you to find these online, and they may be chances that you might want to take because they will give you money and they will give you security for the future. These are all things that you should keep in mind when you are looking at the different business home world wide web marketing opportunities that might come your way. Remember that this could be something you do for a long time.

Ecommerce Sales Strategies

Smartphone penetration in the industry opened up a new lane of opportunities as cell net grew to become much more common. In accordance to study in 2009, an amazing 44% of people ended up identified to have utilised cell ecommerce purposes to acquire goods and solutions. The members also emphasized on the reality that they discovered cell net the ideal way to search for information on-line. This really marked the start off of an illustrious period of time in the historical past of mobile commerce, with tiny organizations benefiting a wonderful offer from random buys manufactured via mobile telephones. Apple detected this trend and produced the Apple iphone to encourage even more browsing by means of mobile telephones. Cell ecommerce arrived of age and more and a lot more companies warmed up to the prospect of undertaking business through investment in mobile ecommerce apps.

Android, BlackBerry, and Apple Apple iphone have been the main players in this situation in the earlier 3 years. With newer tailored purposes and simple to use client interfaces, mobile ecommerce vendors are on a roll nowadays! For that reason, if you are not content with the market place existence your organization has been ready to generate until day, mobile commerce is what you need to have to vacation resort to. By selecting the services of cell application developers, make confident you introduce custom-made applications for these kinds of cell platforms. Your business is sure to sign up increased product sales and do effectively in the coming fiscal year owing to the recognition of these apps.

Many retail companies that have not kept up with the latest cell eCommerce trends have located that their base line suffers. It is crucial to keep an eye on what the most successful businesses in your market are performing to get their title and item out to their consumers.

Soon after the net and cellular phones started out to become well-known, e-commerce methods started out to explode in popularity. Each huge and modest organizations use these techniques to get themselves some nice profits. More men and women have cell telephones than they do personal computers. This is a vast amount of people in an uncompetitive market that are just waiting for your marketing initiatives.

There is a huge prospective for growing revenues when you carry out a mobile eCommerce campaign. Surveys carried out have shown that much more than forty% of people have used the net to acquire good or providers in the last calendar year. The people surveyed also mentioned that they are quite most likely to use their smartphones for internet access.

Mobile advertising is in its infancy, consequently the competitiveness is not as great as it is in other places. Your retail organization can select up buyers that not many individuals are preventing for but. You need to have to set something up now so that you can be forward of the match later. It is crucial to start off benefiting from these buyers as shortly as you can.

Numerous of the most well-liked technologies businesses like Apple and Google have presently started to realize that e-commerce is the wave of the future. The good news is, many brick and mortar retail companies are sluggish in catching up with the developments of the long term.

Successful Strategies For Online Learning

Everything in the world today needs to be marketed well; even education, hence marketing strategies and distance learning go hand in hand. In order to create a lasting impact on the minds of the target audience, educational institutions offering distance learning programs need to be a cut above the rest. Education is a service and any service needs to be marketed well to be attractive to the consumer, who in this case is a student.

How Technology has Affected Education

It’s a changing world, and technology has become the backbone of any distance education program. Marketing strategies and distance learning are symbiotic, since education is essentially a service and deals with human beings. Hence student enrollment and retention are very critical aspects for a college to consider. The internet is rife with dotcoms looking to make quick profits, which are posing a serious threat to the more serious academic institutions looking at providing quality educational experience to its students. Many universities have not only started offering online versions of their on-campus programs, but are also working on creating a virtual campus for its online students. Today the student is out shopping for courses and institutions; he or she is tech savvy and enrolling in a particular course is just a click away for him or her.

Weapon of Choice Modes of Marketing

It is a cluttered world out there, and to be noticed, any educational institution will need to break through. A lot of colleges today are adopting different marketing strategies and distance learning has become an especially volatile market. Many colleges are using web based ads and promotions aggressively for marketing their courses; the internet being a relatively cheaper advertising medium, has taken over the other traditional mediums like print and TV. Pop-up ads, email and banners are, however, mainly mass marketing tools and are largely ineffective. What education needs right now is relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is essentially establishing, developing and maintaining successful long term relationships with students. Education being a service cannot adopt marketing strategies meant for a manufactured product. Marketing educational services is more about building trust and commitment, more about making students loyal alumnus. Marketing strategies and distance learning are correlated because they deal with the creation of a product that cannot be copied by anyone else, and with creating an atmosphere of nurture for students right from the enquiry stage. For the student, any educational institution is attractive if it has the right mix of pricing, academic experience, and credibility. If a college is able to provide services beyond these three parameters, it has earned the loyalties of any student enrolled with it.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies

Website Marketing Strategies should be a constantly evolving component of your total marketing campaign. If it is traffic that you want, and lots of it, your site must be search engine optimized. At the very least this is a foundational step. Without this step you would be well behind the starting gates.

If you choose a campaign that focuses primarily on search engine optimization, you may end up pulling your hair out of your head. You will continually be chasing search engine changes. In addition, you will also find yourself constantly making daily website changes in order to stay current with the search engines. As soon as you institute any changes the search engines move the goal posts. It would be like a cat chasing its tail.

Most people in the world are not Internet users. The vast majority of people who you want to reach do not have access to the World Wide Web. It does not matter how well you optimize your web site, they will never find it.

Did you know that quite a few Internet Marketers make most of their sales offline? They sell their books, CDROMs and related material at seminars, workshops and conferences. Indeed, for many Internet Marketers these offline sales represent the bulk of their income.

This tells us that offline promotion could be more important than online promotion. You may be able to optimize your web site to get high rankings in a search engine. But that does not mean that you will reach the vast majority of people who could buy your product or use your information.

This was confirmed recently by one study that showed that most people go to an Internet address after having read it in a newspaper or magazine. Some were even given the address by a friend or colleague or heard it being mentioned by someone speaking at a meeting or on television. It seems that significant numbers of people who get to your web site do so having heard the address somewhere outside of the Internet.

You can get many people visiting your web site, even if you are not ranked highly by the search engines. You can do this by writing articles for use in regular offline publications newspapers, magazines. Always include your address in the article and you will get millions of people to notice your website address.

Moreover, speak at every opportunity you get. Make presentations to business clubs, chambers of commerce, local societies, you name it. Every time you speak, announce your web site address. All of these website marketing strategies should be incorporated into your marketing campaign.

Although these are two great ways of gaining offline publicity for your website, try not to neglect business stationery, posters, car stickers and so on. The more your web site address is visible outside the web, the more visitors you will get regardless of how kind the search engines have been to you.

E Commerce Marketing Strategies

If you don’t create a successful strategy for marketing your web site, you cannot build a profitable online business. It’s therefore imperative to drive thousands of visitors to your web site, then convert them to paying customers.

How do you accomplish this?

Use several marketing strategies

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket by only employing one marketing strategy. You could notice evidence of this during the latest Google update in which many commercial web sites which once had top rankings, dropped out of existence, thus instantly losing sales.

By creating more than one strategy to market your web site, you can soon notice which one works the ideal by attracting the most visitors.

Market with consistency

Set up a clear daily, weekly, monthly and yearly marketing plan for your web site and stick to it. It is the lifeblood of your business.

Test marketing

Continually test all your web site marketing strategies to notice which one works the best. Eliminate those that are not profitable.

12 successful marketing strategies:

Search engine optimization

Here are the locations where you should include your most important keywords or keyword phrases:

1. Meta tags (invisible)
Title tag
Description tag
Keyword tag
Alt tag

2. Page content (visible)
Weave your ideal keywords throughout the content of your pages. Focus on the first 250 words on your page and only use one to three keyword phrases per page of content. Include keywords in your H1 tag (main title) and H2, H3 tags (subheadings) as well as the hyperlinks in your site or and in outgoing links.

Search engines and directories

3. Submit to major search engines – Google is currently the main search engine to get listed in. If you get listed there, you’ll also get listed in AOL, Netscape, and Yahoo and it’s still free. This may change in the near future as the competition heats up. Other free listings also include directories such as ODP. Do a search on Google to seek out your niche directories ie for sunglasses, look for sunglass directories.

Here are the other search engines to submit to:

4. Pay per click (PPC) search engines – if you wish to generate traffic to your web site immediately, set up a Google Adwords or Overture campaign.

Email Marketing

5. Create a newsletter – most folks don’t purchase from you immediately but need to be contacted several times to put them in the buying mood. Place a subscription box on all page of your web site. Send out your newsletter all two weeks to keep in touch with your subscribers. Be sure to include original content (not rehashed content) along with new products you wish to introduce to them.

6. Email Course or tutorial – set up an autoresponder that’ll deliver quality info over a period of seven days. This means you have multiple chances of contacting your visitor and promote your product or service at the same time.

7. Ezine Ads – create an ad for your product and find ezines that cater to your target market. Write several ads and track them until you find one that pulls well.

8. Signature file – include this all your online and offline correspondence. Set up your email client so that it does this automatically each time you send out an email. Include your name, whoever you are, what your business is about, a way to subscribe to your newsletter, your web site address and your email.

Link strategies

9. Write articles – ezine publishers are always looking for original content. You can include a link back to your web site in your signature file. If several ezine publishers (that may have thousands of subscribers) publish your article, you can get hundreds of links pointing back to your web site.

10. Reciprocal linking – get links from other sites that compliment yours. ie if you just offer web design and someone else offers search engine optimization you could exchange links
with each other, thus adding to the quality of each of your sites.

11. Forums – offer your help to other forum participants then leave a link back to your site in your signature file. Popular forums are spidered regularly by the search engines, thus giving your site a link boost.

12. Offline marketing

Not all your customers are online. Market offline by including your web site info on all stationary ie letterhead, and business cards. Place ads in newspapers, trade publications, send out postcards, fliers and get involved in local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. You can even set up your own local club or be a guest speaker for others.

Continuously evaluate, test and refine your web site marketing strategies so that you can apply them to any product. These are the keys to building a successful online business.

Marketing Ideas For Beginners

You’ve set up your business, you have got a great product or service, you have got your first customers, but you need to get a lot more. You know that good marketing ideas are what you need, but you think marketing will be:

– Complicated
– Expensive
– Difficult
– Specialist
– Scary
– Not for beginners!

Worst of all you have no idea where to begin. Read on for any free marketing ideas.

What is marketing?

– Marketing is the way you create value for your customers and build strong customer relationships, so that you can get value from your customers in return.

– You can have the best product or service in the world, but if no-one will pay you for it, you can’t succeed – so to drive up your sales, you need great marketing ideas.

– Innovative marketing will attract customers’ attention to YOUR business and YOUR products or services.

– Successful marketing will help those customers make a conscious decision to buy from YOU. But how can I afford to advertise? – Marketing isn’t only about advertising. Creative marketing ideas need not be expensive. – The best marketing ideas may be those which cost you the least. – You can build awareness of your brand by providing your customers and likely customers with benefits which cost you little, but which are valuable to them, for example:

1. Offer a discount for repeat purchases, or for introducing another customer.

2. Launch a competition (with a prize from your own product or service range) and advertise it heavily on your website.

3. Make sure your “give-aways” are unusual and memorable – not only a pen which will languish in a drawer, but something to make the customer smile each time they look at it – and see your company’s name.

4. Give a guarantee and stick to it – “money back if you are not 100% satisfied”. You believe in your product or service, so you should be prepared to stand behind it. Very few people will try to claim unreasonably.

5. Provide free info on your industry and technical info on your products – this should be easy for you to do, but very helpful to your customers. Make sure your website and your literature explains why your product or service is so good – what makes it better than the competition?

Why not get together with your key employees (or your friends or family if you are a one-man-band) and brainstorm any marketing ideas?

– Think about who you are targeting (existing clients or new clients? what age range, what social group? individuals, or other businesses? etc.) – Think about how you’ll reach them (what medium, what gimmick? person to person or on the telephone? point of sale or mail shot? etc.) – Think about what you’ll offer them (what is there which means a lot to the customer but can cost you as tiny as possible?)

Once you start thinking outside the usual boundaries of pure advertising, you’ll be surprised what great marketing ideas you can come up with!

E Commerce Business For Sale

In many ways, it is just very easy to become an online business entrepreneur. For under dollar 1,000, you can get an e-commerce site up and running and either buy some inventory and follow a drop shipping strategy.

For that very reason, there are thousands of people every day who have decided to do just that and they are all out there trying to make their fortune on the Internet, just like all the hyped up courses and articles tell them they can.

You can also find hundreds of articles that tell you about the top ten mistakes that beginners make and the top fifteen things you must do to be successful and most of them have something valuable to say. But, we think that there are a few issues that are more important than others and we would like to emphasize those.

Figure out your competitive advantage (your edge)

It is not enough to find a product you want to sell, buy it at a low price and mark it up for resale. Why? Because that is exactly what everyone else is doing. You need to figure out why someone should buy from you rather than from someone else. Is your product better? Less expensive? Comes with all the right accessories? Sold on a site with wonderful how-to information? Sold on a site with an expert in residence?

What is your sales pitch?

Look for a smaller, not larger market

This is a critical and extremely common mistake. People get excited about selling online because of the millions and millions of people who are online looking to buy something. Yes, that is true, but there are also millions of people looking to sell things and it is very difficult to get your business and product seen in all of that Internet noise. Plus, the larger the market, the bigger the players. It is very difficult to compete in the huge markets.

You want to find the target or niche market that would really like to buy your particular product from your business. Chances are, there are more than enough people in that market to make your business worthwhile. You just need to find those people and convince them. But, it is a lot easier to find people who are searching for vintage nativity sets in wood than try to attract the attention of people searching for Christmas figurines.

Budget for marketing

It is way too easy to get caught up in the technology of your site and forget about the fact that it is all a huge waste of time unless someone can find it.

Finding your site has everything to do with marketing, and some parts of marketing cost money. Recognize that reality and plan for it if you would like to have a shot at being successful.

Build credibility

Giving away your credit card information on the Internet is scary. People need to have to trust a website to be willing to do that. That is why so many people use well-trusted sites like and eBay: there are protections in place.

Give people the tools to be able to trust you. Put your address and phone number in your contact information. Provide an email for communication. Write a bio for yourself and place it on the website. The more people know about you, the more they will trust your site.