Effective Marketing Ideas

Promoting your small business can sometimes be very expensive. There are many techniques, however, it costs little or no money – only your time. These strategies can be immensely satisfying as well as start seeing immediate results for your marketing efforts. The response from customers and potential customers will let you know which of the following free ideas and inexpensive is right for your business: 1. Make

Customer service a priority
Providing exceptional customer service will keep your customers coming back and sending referrals. Follow-up by phone or email with people you know. Having a policy to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Provide a personal touch through phone calls and put first the needs of the customer.

2. Add value Giving away value
serve its existing and potential customers is a great way to bond your relationships. You can create raving fans by over-delivering on value and be of service to the satisfaction of the basic needs of their customers and prospects. This does not mean giving more of their time. You can be creative in thinking about what customers really want from you over the time they spend with you.

3. Expand your database
Creating a specific list of people you often hear is the # 1 thing to do to promote their knowledge and broaden the scope of its business. Treat each meeting is an opportunity to expand your network.

4. Stay in touch
designing a strategy of "keep-in-touch 'is crucial for business growth. On average, at least seven contacts before people need is willing to do business with you. It is necessary to regularly send items like a tips list, a review of a book, an article, an interview, or a checklist for existing and potential customers to maintain their services top of mind.


Ask for testimonials
customers are very happy to say good things about that if asked place your comments prominently in all promotional materials (with their permission, of course). On your website, in your brochure, in its publication e. Ask customers to be as specific as possible, and to write about real results they achieved or a valuable difference it made to them, rather than just general, vague comments that anyone could say.

6. Write and submit articles. If
often written, article writing is a very effective promotion tool. Even if you do not write often, you can dictate an article on your voice recorder or voice dictation software, and then have it transcribed. Submit articles to print publications, online article directories and specific online sites that your target market would read.

7. Write testimonials and reviews

For others.
Write testimonies of people doing business, or for authors whose books he has read, can give notice if they put their comment on their website or in your ezine. Writing on other people's blogs or forums and discussion lists related to your target market also works well. Place a link in their messages to drive traffic to your website.

8. Send a press release.
sending a press release is a good deal. You can create a list of media contacts that can be used many times. Write your press release and connect it to a current event in the news or in a holiday season to attract attention. Send it directly to specific editor for your area of specialty. Do not make it too salesy or promoting you or your company – that would be an announcement, not a press release.

Decides to take action on any of these ideas to expand their current marketing strategies and promote their knowledge for free.