Top 10 Marketing Strategies

Website Marketing Strategies should be a constantly evolving component of your total marketing campaign. If it is traffic that you want, and lots of it, your site must be search engine optimized. At the very least this is a foundational step. Without this step you would be well behind the starting gates.

If you choose a campaign that focuses primarily on search engine optimization, you may end up pulling your hair out of your head. You will continually be chasing search engine changes. In addition, you will also find yourself constantly making daily website changes in order to stay current with the search engines. As soon as you institute any changes the search engines move the goal posts. It would be like a cat chasing its tail.

Most people in the world are not Internet users. The vast majority of people who you want to reach do not have access to the World Wide Web. It does not matter how well you optimize your web site, they will never find it.

Did you know that quite a few Internet Marketers make most of their sales offline? They sell their books, CDROMs and related material at seminars, workshops and conferences. Indeed, for many Internet Marketers these offline sales represent the bulk of their income.

This tells us that offline promotion could be more important than online promotion. You may be able to optimize your web site to get high rankings in a search engine. But that does not mean that you will reach the vast majority of people who could buy your product or use your information.

This was confirmed recently by one study that showed that most people go to an Internet address after having read it in a newspaper or magazine. Some were even given the address by a friend or colleague or heard it being mentioned by someone speaking at a meeting or on television. It seems that significant numbers of people who get to your web site do so having heard the address somewhere outside of the Internet.

You can get many people visiting your web site, even if you are not ranked highly by the search engines. You can do this by writing articles for use in regular offline publications newspapers, magazines. Always include your address in the article and you will get millions of people to notice your website address.

Moreover, speak at every opportunity you get. Make presentations to business clubs, chambers of commerce, local societies, you name it. Every time you speak, announce your web site address. All of these website marketing strategies should be incorporated into your marketing campaign.

Although these are two great ways of gaining offline publicity for your website, try not to neglect business stationery, posters, car stickers and so on. The more your web site address is visible outside the web, the more visitors you will get regardless of how kind the search engines have been to you.

E Commerce Marketing Strategies

If you don’t create a successful strategy for marketing your web site, you cannot build a profitable online business. It’s therefore imperative to drive thousands of visitors to your web site, then convert them to paying customers.

How do you accomplish this?

Use several marketing strategies

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket by only employing one marketing strategy. You could notice evidence of this during the latest Google update in which many commercial web sites which once had top rankings, dropped out of existence, thus instantly losing sales.

By creating more than one strategy to market your web site, you can soon notice which one works the ideal by attracting the most visitors.

Market with consistency

Set up a clear daily, weekly, monthly and yearly marketing plan for your web site and stick to it. It is the lifeblood of your business.

Test marketing

Continually test all your web site marketing strategies to notice which one works the best. Eliminate those that are not profitable.

12 successful marketing strategies:

Search engine optimization

Here are the locations where you should include your most important keywords or keyword phrases:

1. Meta tags (invisible)
Title tag
Description tag
Keyword tag
Alt tag

2. Page content (visible)
Weave your ideal keywords throughout the content of your pages. Focus on the first 250 words on your page and only use one to three keyword phrases per page of content. Include keywords in your H1 tag (main title) and H2, H3 tags (subheadings) as well as the hyperlinks in your site or and in outgoing links.

Search engines and directories

3. Submit to major search engines – Google is currently the main search engine to get listed in. If you get listed there, you’ll also get listed in AOL, Netscape, and Yahoo and it’s still free. This may change in the near future as the competition heats up. Other free listings also include directories such as ODP. Do a search on Google to seek out your niche directories ie for sunglasses, look for sunglass directories.

Here are the other search engines to submit to:

4. Pay per click (PPC) search engines – if you wish to generate traffic to your web site immediately, set up a Google Adwords or Overture campaign.

Email Marketing

5. Create a newsletter – most folks don’t purchase from you immediately but need to be contacted several times to put them in the buying mood. Place a subscription box on all page of your web site. Send out your newsletter all two weeks to keep in touch with your subscribers. Be sure to include original content (not rehashed content) along with new products you wish to introduce to them.

6. Email Course or tutorial – set up an autoresponder that’ll deliver quality info over a period of seven days. This means you have multiple chances of contacting your visitor and promote your product or service at the same time.

7. Ezine Ads – create an ad for your product and find ezines that cater to your target market. Write several ads and track them until you find one that pulls well.

8. Signature file – include this all your online and offline correspondence. Set up your email client so that it does this automatically each time you send out an email. Include your name, whoever you are, what your business is about, a way to subscribe to your newsletter, your web site address and your email.

Link strategies

9. Write articles – ezine publishers are always looking for original content. You can include a link back to your web site in your signature file. If several ezine publishers (that may have thousands of subscribers) publish your article, you can get hundreds of links pointing back to your web site.

10. Reciprocal linking – get links from other sites that compliment yours. ie if you just offer web design and someone else offers search engine optimization you could exchange links
with each other, thus adding to the quality of each of your sites.

11. Forums – offer your help to other forum participants then leave a link back to your site in your signature file. Popular forums are spidered regularly by the search engines, thus giving your site a link boost.

12. Offline marketing

Not all your customers are online. Market offline by including your web site info on all stationary ie letterhead, and business cards. Place ads in newspapers, trade publications, send out postcards, fliers and get involved in local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. You can even set up your own local club or be a guest speaker for others.

Continuously evaluate, test and refine your web site marketing strategies so that you can apply them to any product. These are the keys to building a successful online business.

Marketing Ideas For Beginners

You’ve set up your business, you have got a great product or service, you have got your first customers, but you need to get a lot more. You know that good marketing ideas are what you need, but you think marketing will be:

– Complicated
– Expensive
– Difficult
– Specialist
– Scary
– Not for beginners!

Worst of all you have no idea where to begin. Read on for any free marketing ideas.

What is marketing?

– Marketing is the way you create value for your customers and build strong customer relationships, so that you can get value from your customers in return.

– You can have the best product or service in the world, but if no-one will pay you for it, you can’t succeed – so to drive up your sales, you need great marketing ideas.

– Innovative marketing will attract customers’ attention to YOUR business and YOUR products or services.

– Successful marketing will help those customers make a conscious decision to buy from YOU. But how can I afford to advertise? – Marketing isn’t only about advertising. Creative marketing ideas need not be expensive. – The best marketing ideas may be those which cost you the least. – You can build awareness of your brand by providing your customers and likely customers with benefits which cost you little, but which are valuable to them, for example:

1. Offer a discount for repeat purchases, or for introducing another customer.

2. Launch a competition (with a prize from your own product or service range) and advertise it heavily on your website.

3. Make sure your “give-aways” are unusual and memorable – not only a pen which will languish in a drawer, but something to make the customer smile each time they look at it – and see your company’s name.

4. Give a guarantee and stick to it – “money back if you are not 100% satisfied”. You believe in your product or service, so you should be prepared to stand behind it. Very few people will try to claim unreasonably.

5. Provide free info on your industry and technical info on your products – this should be easy for you to do, but very helpful to your customers. Make sure your website and your literature explains why your product or service is so good – what makes it better than the competition?

Why not get together with your key employees (or your friends or family if you are a one-man-band) and brainstorm any marketing ideas?

– Think about who you are targeting (existing clients or new clients? what age range, what social group? individuals, or other businesses? etc.) – Think about how you’ll reach them (what medium, what gimmick? person to person or on the telephone? point of sale or mail shot? etc.) – Think about what you’ll offer them (what is there which means a lot to the customer but can cost you as tiny as possible?)

Once you start thinking outside the usual boundaries of pure advertising, you’ll be surprised what great marketing ideas you can come up with!