professional seo denverSEO copywriting has been around for a long time now, but many people confuse it with regular copywriting. When you write copy with SEO in mind, then you are taking the search engines into account much more than you normally would. Our continued discussion, below, will center on writing high impact SEO copy.

To avoid looking like a spammer, aim at maintaining a high content to code ratio. What is content to code ratio? Content to code ratio is simply the amount of text on your page compared to the amount of code.

If you want to find out the exact content to code ratio, it’s available in your webpage’s source code. You should aim for a ratio that reflects more content than code on your page. Search engines find this ratio apt for ranking.

Benefit bullets are excellent for readability, quick scanning, and they allow for white space. Make sure that your content has the bullet points listed out in such a way that your reader doesn’t feel any confusion. Bullet points should be used for listing benefits, and then they’ll be easier to read because people can quickly scan them. One of the reasons bullets work so well is because people can know at a glance what some of the more important thoughts are. So what is the benefit with SEO and bullet points? No real benefit in terms of ranking and SEO, but they do lend a lot with helping your readers and that’s a positive thing.

Last but not the least, make sure your keyword density is not too low or too high. Ignoring this simple rule has gotten many sites banned before. Keep in mind you only need to repeat your keyword if it is needed to clarify a point. When you keep your writing clean and concise, the search engines will have to rank you.

We’re confident these tips can help you achieve better results and finding a professional seo Denver.

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